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                      Admission started for Second mate orals Function 1, 2 and 3

  Embark your successful journey with us we'll make sure you reach your goal before you plan. 

We also assist seafarers for all the documentations and  course booking.

                    Attend our next Batch in march 2024

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What we do?

We act as a consultancy or a bridge between a navigator and lecturer for his competency exams. Basically we provide tuition with well professional levels. We have a quality control team ensuring standards in all sections. We provide systematic order in scheduling the duration of classes with the topics to be covered. We provide effective solutions sync with the customer’s requirements.

How we do?

Using the advantage of the most modern technology, we make ease the troubles faced in the traditional learning process and have made it in a very interesting way to grasp the knowledge heading to progress in a swiftly manner. We have made the learning process so simple that both guest and host utilize the time in a very informative way also the quality control team evaluate the graph simultaneously.

How we support you?
Just ping us with your queries or your particular troubles faced in any sections or topics. We ‘ll understand the issue and try to sort it out with the nearest available time with the most suitable tutor apt with your mindset till you find your doubts cleared.

How different are we?
We are the pioneers in advanced online class in merchant navy. We ensure the quality of our students than the quantity. We always keep the seats limited as to handle effectively when we announce new bookings. We don’t promote or advertise us anywhere as of now, we believe our efforts in job will reflect the same as an add and eliminate those charge from our students. Therefore we could also make sure we are the cheapest with the most effective results.

What we handle?
All competitive exam based solutions for second mates. We provide Contact Classes, Online Tuition, Mixed, Maritime College Courses, Merchant Navy Stationery, etc.

What we expect from you?

we don’t care how much you know about a topic or what you are up to now before joining us. We don’t go for any filtering selection process before admission since we believe in OUR SELVES and understand EVERYBODY can be SUCCESSFUL through hard work (smart work) and dedication. But very sorry to inform we don’t entertain time pass and laziness. Our quality control team will ensure the standards and class room efficiency. We also make sure the tutors are friendly with and effective. Please maintain English as primary language during class since focused improving your speaking skills for oral examination. Don’t worry about your skills – we are here to mould a “BETTER YOU”. But you can use regional language if necessary during doubt session for a better understanding.

What benefits you?

We can make sure a lot. Your valuable TIME and MONEY in travelling and all your expenses for staying near your MMD, may be a month back from your exams since you feel like you can study better in a combine study to clear your doubts than at your home. We provide you virtual combined study atmosphere whereby you will get n number of benefits which had been proved.

Which all coaching we give to second mates?

  • Written Exam

  • Oral Exam

  • IMU Exam

  • Doubt Section on demand (Minimum 5 candidates required)​

  • Signal Exam


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